Modern Microprocessors

2015/3/29 05:31

Someone on twitter posted this interesting guide to modern microprocessor architecture. The section on Memory Hierarchy somewhat links it to the previous post

Definitely worth a read.

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Efficiency with Algorithms, Performance with Data Structures, cppcon

2015/2/9 03:47

A nice talk from Chandler Carruth at cppcon last year:

Which features this nice table which helps to highlight why data structures are so important.

One cycle on a 3 GHz processor1
L1 cache reference0.5
Branch mispredict5
L2 cache reference714x L1 cache
Mutex lock/unlock25
Main memory reference10020x L2, 200x L1
Compress 1K bytes with Snappy3,000
Send 1K bytes over 1 Gbps network10,0000.01
Read 4K randomly from SSD*150,0000.15
Read 1 MB sequentially from memory250,0000.25
Round trip within same datacenter500,0000.5
Read 1 MB sequentially from SSD*1,000,00014X memory
Disk seek10,000,0001020x datacenter RT
Read 1 MB sequentially from disk20,000,0002080x memory, 20X SSD
Send packet CA->Netherlands->CA150,000,000150

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2015/1/4 19:31

My webpage has been left empty and ununsed since my wordpress blog was hacked over one year ago. Not that I regularly updated it when there was any content here to speak of but I haven't reinstated the old site or replaced it with a new one since that incident.

That all changes this year with my fancy new blog, the details of which you can read about in the aptly name about section. It's still a little experimental and likely to change but I have started by bringing over some of the old site's content which can be found in the tags section under

The old content's formatting could still use a little attention and some of the links either no longer lead anywhere or are completely missing. All of which I plan to fix in time as well as adding a bunch of new posts about what I am working on at home.

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